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De volgende Voterfraude Back UP van officiele kanalen die NBC CNN NOS NPO weigeren uit te zenden is ook net zoals vele andere bewijzen in 400 landen verspreid en opgeslagen op USB sticks met timestamp, voor de rechtszaken tegen leugenmedia zoals CNN FOX Rutte NOS NPO RUTTE etc als bewijs van de GIGANTISCHE MEDIA CORRUPTIE LEUGEN FRAUDE

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*Excerpt briefing  Pronto & Wilkinsson Washington DC  declassified Top Secret


Election Fraude. What Happened?

Based on the election results, Florida is the state that describes the nations preference because it is in Florida we not only see Trump won, but we can see the “Cheat” employed to defeat by fraude. In 2016 Trump won by 112,911 votes. A margin greater then any candidate in 2 decades or 2020  Trump won Florida by 377,023. For a gain of 264,112. The irony here is the three biggest Democrat counties gained Trumps victory. 2016, Dade,Palm, Broward 867,352. Check this as it cannot be denied.

In 2020 those same districts voted for Trump 1,199,347. Thats a gain on 331,395 votes. Now look at the red areas. First Trump only gained 45,628 more votes in all of the red areas vs 2016. Biden gained more then Trump in red areas.In simple terms the states voting systems were programmed to take a random percentage of “Trump Votes” & add that count to Biden’s total. A clever trick B/C the majority of the cheat in EVERY STATE would be happening in red districts that out number Blue districts so the states that stopped the count had this in all common.

Note the exact timing of the vote count stoppage. This occurred when the DS realized there “Solid Blue areas” were turning out for @realDonaldTrump in numbers no one had foreseen. The stealing of votes based on a random percentage was not going to put Biden over the top.

The issue the Democrats faced was how to increase Trump votes to Biden votes. During the actual counting of the ballots by Dominion. And once they found themselves in this computefraude crisis programmers and rebooting, were needed but it was too late because Trump had already demanded the stop because of the fraude. Therefore Fox also did not call Trump to win Arizona. At the same time VHQ did not project, Donald Trump as the winner of Pensylvania, because a recount by hand had to be done first, because of the huge amounts of false votes and the computerhack.

Bidens  team realized it was too late to make changes to the bug, and even with shutting down swing state counts there was no way to install a “Fix” so they kept it shut down, and reverted to the plan b such as using double votes by means of post stamp fraude and other tricks to steal the Electrions.

In a nut shell the Dominion software including the bug used in the election worked perfectly for Biden. The stolen Trump votes would have gone unnoticed had the “Blue areas” not voted Trump in the huge numbers they did. Lastly you will be able to confirm this by noticing Blue area support was suddenly up nationwide.

Until AFTER the shut down of counting the vote for Trump increased in every state and not only in swing states. Before flipped to Biden in numbers that are unheard of and not realistic.

Screenshot suspend counting. doc 2212

stop count screenshot

This is where the vote count stood in the 6 states when Democrats suddenly chose to suspend counting. You see who was ahead everywhere. Then, lots of boxes happened to arrive late, all filled 100% with votes for Biden.

This means that every swing states were way up for Biden vs 2016 because of the Dominion bug.

After the Dominion stop, the number of Votes for Donald Trump increased in all states.

Swing states reversed to levels seen in no other states.

Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband, the Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems such as Smartmagic.

The backbone of the Biden election steal software is: Hammer, Scorecard, Dominion ( Venezuela Smartmatic)


smart cuba

smart dominion

smart seq

smart seq 2

cuba fraude

smart fraude

Caracas Smartmatic holdings Barbados Netherlands

(C) The Venezuelan-owned Smartmatic Corporation is a 
riddle both in ownership and operation, complicated by the 
fact that its machines have overseen several landslide (and 
contested) victories by President Hugo Chavez and his 
supporters.  The electronic voting company went from a small 
technology startup to a market player in just a few years, 
catapulted by its participation in the August 2004 recall 
referendum.  Smartmatic has claimed to be of U.S. origin, but 
its true owners -- probably elite Venezuelans of several 
political strains -- remain hidden behind a web of holding 
companies in the Netherlands and Barbados.  The Smartmatic 
machines used in Venezuela are widely suspected of, though 
never proven conclusively to be, susceptible to fraud.  The 
company is thought to be backing out of Venezuelan electoral 
events, focusing now on other parts of world, including the 
United States via its subsidiary, Sequoia.  End Summary.

Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) husband’s company, Avid Tech, had been reported importing mail-in ballots from China and the  Smartmatic holding companies in the Netherlands and Barbados  are  the main cause of the mass Voterfraude.


While Pelosi screened by the “Pentagon”,  Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Lt Col Alexander Vindman, Peter Strzok, Dianne Feinstein and Soros (Frankfurt Strasbourg hack) a.o.  were placed under house arrest, due to “involment” in the interference by  Bidens friends from China, Cuba an Venezuela.

Attorney General William Barr who investigated the Clinton, Seth Rich and Benghazi mails, ordered the Justice Department’s top election crimes prosecutor Richard Pilger to his office after the Secret Service overheard Pilgers telephone conversations with Biden

Pilger was placed under house arrest. He refused to obey the law and tell who was involved in the Dominion Cuba Venezuela Smartmatic fraude, so he resigned. Barr informed Trump that Pilger resigned and that Pilger refused to talk. Pilger is under  investigation for leaks, attempted blocking of justice, voterfraud and treason.

Donald  Trump was informed by Robert Mueller in 2017,  about the Biden plan to steal the election using fraudulent mail-in ballots and Smartmatic (Dominion)

The U.S. Post Office filed the patent, so the court action was filed three months before the Nov. Presidential Election

Donald Trump held a press conference from the White House. It was broken down by the media traitors.

Numerous media falsely proclaimed Biden as the winner of the election

Donald Trump did the best he could do, to stop the steal and protect the USA.

Twenty thousand National Guard troops were sent to election board hotspots.

Missing ballots were tracked down, ballot box fraudsters were arrested  coordinated by Michael Flynn,  Former National Security Adviser

The Supreme Court was ordered to investigate the voter fraud.

Barr issued to his U.S. attorneys, encouraging them to “pursue substantial allegations” of voter fraud.



All votes must be Recounted by hand to make clear Trump won the Elections by a Landslide.

All the criminals who commited fraude such as with Dominion Smartmatic, must be arrested and prosecuted for voterfraude and treason.

Juridical Security Division TC

*Declassifeid TS on 9 11 2020

Pronto & Wilkinssson

Washington DC

13.56  08 11 2020



CNN-coryfee Van Jones legt het allemaal haarfijn uit in een TEDtalk

Een president in de Verenigde Staten kan falen om bij de verkiezingen een meerderheid te krijgen van de stemmen,

Trump kan zonder 270 stemmen te krijgen in het electoral college  toch legaal worden ingezworen als president – zonder nieuwe verkiezingen. 

Een president kan weigeren om toe te geven dat hij heeft verloren. Volgens de Amerikaanse grondwet is de wedstrijd na de verkiezingen nog niet voorbij.

De president wordt in de Verenigde Staten gekozen door de staten. Er is geen grondwettelijke vereiste dat de meerderheid van de stemmen in een bepaalde staat bepaalt voor wie de kiesmannen van het electoral college moeten uitkomen.

Als er geen sprake is van fraude tijdens het tellen van de stemmen, is het mogelijk dat sommige staten weigeren de verkiezingsresultaten te ratificeren.

In plaats van kiesmannen voor Joe Biden kunnen deze staten wanneer het Congres bijeenkomt om de kiesmannen te tellen, kiesmannen sturen voor Donald Trump.

Als het Congres het niet eens is welke kandidaat de steun krijgt van deze staten, kan er een situatie ontstaan dat geen van beide kandidaten voor het presidentschap een meerderheid krijgt van 270 kiesmannen in het electoral college.

Volgens de Amerikaanse grondwet  bepaalt in dat geval door het Huis van Afgevaardigden wie President word.

Als de Republikeinen er allemaal geen vertrouwen in hebben dat de stemmen eerlijk zijn geteld, zouden ze Donald Trump opnieuw als president kunnen kiezen.

Als Trump de uitslag accepteert is dit volledig grondwettelijk en staat hij in zijn recht. Trump weet dit en heeft hier in een persverklaring op 16 september al op gewezen:

The ballots will be stolen. Who knows where they’re going. Who knows where they’re coming from. It’s not just the counting of the ballots, which — by the way, which will take forever. It’ll take forever. You think November 3rd? You might not have — I guess, at a certain point, it goes to Congress. You know, at a certain point, it goes to Congress. You know that.

Volgens de advocaten van Trump hebben de  Democraten  fraude gpleegd:

  • Mail-in ballots (stemmen per post), het paradepaardje van de Democratische Partij, heeft vrijbaan gegeven voor “gigantische stemfraude”.
  • De pauze in het tellen van de stemmen toen Trump voor lag.
  • De plotselinge verschijning na de pauze van tienduizenden stemmen, uitsluitend voor Joe Biden.
  • Het stemmen door doden.
  • Het weigeren van Republikeinse toezichthouders tijdens het tellen van de stemmen op een aantal belangrijke stemlocaties.
  • Oproepen om stemmen voor Donald Trump te vernietigen.

De Amerikaanse grondwet laat het laatste woord over aan de staten over.  Het is de traditie dat staten hun steun geven aan wie de meerderheid van de stemmen gewonnen heeft. Het is  traditie dat de presidentsverkiezingen zonder massale fraude (beschuldigingen) plaatsvinden.

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