peace festival amsterdam news

peace festival amsterdam

The Festival for Peace was an all day concert event produced at The Dam place, The first International Festival for Peace took place in Paris in 1945.

The Dam Place

Amsterdam: a cosmopolitan city in that you can encontrarte any thing, not in vain, is the standard of the liberal spirit. There people of all the nationalities agglutinate turn that it into a multiracial and multilinguistic peace zone.

The Nieuwe Kerk, in which it emphasizes the golden ceiling that there is on the choir. In this church you can attend concerts of Gospel. Presiding over the place, and in front of against the Nieuwe Kerk, it is in favor the Peoples Palace,whose classic facade and sculptures that there are at sight are dedicated to the people of the world, then at the time of their construction, in 1648, was constructed like council and throne of Kings and dictators.Nowadays it is used for multicultural peace concerts.

Share this candle to enlight the world

The Sound of Love

In the silence
off the morning
there is a sound
that goes from north
to south and all
the world around

through winters cold
and summers delight
and teardrops rain
from stormy skies

There is a sound
to listen to
make the world
a place of love
and harmony
for everyone


Stan Rams



Peace Festival Amsterdam | Peace News The Festival for Peace was an all day concert event produced at The Dam Place.

About Stan Rams

Stan Rams, geboren te Heerlen Limburg Nederland, 7 september 1958. Amsterdam S V N Kunst, muziek, innovatie, inspiratie, multimedia en sociale netwerken. Contact:
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