HARMFUL VACCIN INGREDIENTS EXPOSED! #FAUCI too warned for dangerous mouth masks

fauc crimes


Sharks, monkeys, worms, dogs, chickens, crabs, and formaldehyde… Not to mention ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid… And let’s not forget chlortetracycline… What Do ALL Of These Have In Common? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! SEE THE TRUTH WITH BOTH YOUR EYES OPEN!!! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT!!!!

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SOME INGREDIENTS! Formaldehyde (Chemical Compound): https://bit.ly/2Hdf50U Benzethonium Chloride: https://bit.ly/3nxNNBY Aluminum Hydroxide: https://bit.ly/32W0L4C Aluminum Phosphate: https://bit.ly/38QnQJC Polysorbate 80: https://bit.ly/3lH03PM Glutaraldehyde: https://bit.ly/35FOSRO Neomycin: https://bit.ly/36Ky23F Beta-Propiolactone: https://bit.ly/36J1O99 Squalene: https://bit.ly/2IKLc8T Vero Cell DNA: https://bit.ly/2UNXRKR Spodoptera Frugiperda: https://bit.ly/3lIWGb6 Triton X-100: https://bit.ly/3kAXnlH EDTA: https://wb.md/35FrtjA Phenol: https://bit.ly/2ILKGY1 Citric Acid: https://bit.ly/3lEM39f WI-38: https://bit.ly/32Su2wN MRC-5: https://bit.ly/35E9Bpi Horseshoe Crab: https://bit.ly/2UzVQSd Luciferase: https://bit.ly/3926Ccz Nanoparticles (MIT): https://bit.ly/2UA2xUs Tripedia Document (Page 11): https://bit.ly/35ESmV2 VAERS (CDC): https://bit.ly/3nKwX2X

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Stan Rams, geboren te Heerlen Limburg Nederland, 7 september 1958. Amsterdam S V N Kunst, muziek, innovatie, inspiratie, multimedia en sociale netwerken. Contact: stan@stanrams.com
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