love is everywhere

Goodmorning * Goedemorgen

love is every where



it is the silence in the air
the sprinkling in your eyes
that flower thar arises from the deep
that makes the sun arise
so sing with me the song of praise
to make the world feel
love is everywhere
your heart beats

it is the wind brushing your hair
the sprinkling in your eyes
the flower thar arises from the deep
that makes tears taste sweet
so sing with me and dance
kiss the sands with your feet
on the rithm of our hearts
to make the world as one
ocean of Love & Delight

Stan Rams

17 06 2013

About Stan Rams

Stan Rams, geboren te Heerlen Limburg Nederland, 7 september 1958. Amsterdam S V N Kunst, muziek, innovatie, inspiratie, multimedia en sociale netwerken. Contact:
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