The Plandemic for Global Enslavement

Vanden Bossche is afgestudeerd aan de Universiteit van
Gent, België, en behaalde zijn doctoraat in Virologie aan de Universiteit van
Hohenheim, Duitsland.

Hij bekleedde adjunct-faculteitsbenoemingen aan universiteiten in België en Duitsland.

Geert bekleedde hoge functies bij vaccinbedrijven (GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals) in O&O voor vaccins.

Geert werkte  bij het Global Health Discovery-team van de Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle (VS) als Senior Program Officer en  bij de Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) in Genève als Senior Ebola Program Manager.

Bij GAVI  was hij  betrokken bij de ontwikkeling van een ebola-vaccin. Hij vertegenwoordigde GAVI o,a, bij 
WHO. Geert werd o.a. ook hoofd van het Vaccin Development
Office bij  het Duitse Centrum
voor Infectieonderzoek in Keulen.

Anno 2021 doet hij dienst als biotech- /
vaccinconsulent, terwijl hij ook zijn eigen onderzoek doet naar vaccins
op basis van Natural Killer-cellen.

Bron: Geertvandenbossche


Disclaimer: This is another joke video. Bill Gates knows what’s best. I will be amongst the first to get vaccinated. I am a good ‘global citizen.’ Global Government is the only way humanity can be saved. The killing over over a million Iraqis was a liberation. Bush and Blair are hero’s, Edward Snowden’s a criminal and communism is the only logical way forward. On a serious note: The people featured in this video do not necessarily agree with any of the points made in this video. In this video I aim to pick up where Alex Jones left off in his documentary film Endgame and show people the web of corruption spun by our globalist overlords since the time the Rothschild family became prominent. It’s also worth pointing out that I am not antisemitic before people accuse me of being as such.

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Climate Crime Sources: The film references Michael Moore’s film Planet of The Humans, which claims that renewable energy isn’t the answer to climate change. We don’t point out all the problems with the film, so if you watch it, we recommend checking the facts via independent sources. Global CO2 emissions have risen dramatically:… Scientists expect a 3 degree temperature increase will happen even if countries meet their commitments under the Paris climate agreement.… The world is failing to meet Paris Climate Agreement targets. When trees are burnt, they release a lot of CO2. The idea is to absorb it with new trees, but studies show that this would take around 40-100 years. Study by Stanford University, published in Nature Communications. Summary:… 200 scientists wrote to the EU, warning that wood creates more emissions than coal, because it’s less efficient to process. Biofuel is not the answer to climate change.… Renewable energy sources emit up to 50g of C02 per kWh, over their lifetime, compared to around 1000g for coal and 475 for natural gas. Study by the National Renewable Energy Lab:… Fossil fuel air pollution causes around 3.6 million deaths per year (the IMF estimates that this would have been cut in half with carbon taxes). Study published in Cardiovascular Research:… An IMF study found that if prices had been corrected in 2015, the world would be very different. Summary and link to study:… Air pollution nearly doubles the risk of dementia in parts of the US. Study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA:… Economists agree that if temperatures rise by 3 degrees, it will plunge the world’s economy into a deep depression, or worse. Institute for Policy Integrity:… 75% also said that a carbon tax was the most efficient way to tackle climate change. Broad expert and government support for carbon taxes. How Carbon Pricing Can Save the World, Johan Eyckmans:… Electricity is cheaper in countries with more renewable energy:… IMF global temperature estimates. How carbon taxes could prevent climate change. Australia’s brief carbon tax worked, and after it was removed, electricity prices rose:… NASA images of the earth warming:…. Fossil Fuels are subsidised by $5.2 Trillion per year. Summary and link to study:… Big Oil is still trying to deny climate change:… Exxon CEO said the Earth was cooling, decades after his own scientists found the opposite:…