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2de golf is datazwendel: moleculair analist Merel Boogaard

Nieuws update Astrazeneca wereldalarm #AstraZeneca COVID-19 #vaccinations were halted by France, Italy, Spain, and Germany due to precautions, officials said Monday, as Italian officials seized thousands of doses of the medicine in a northern province after a man died.https://t.co/vlZ1MeMvdU — … Continue reading

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Anthony Fauci is een kwakzalver met een geheime agenda volgens de nobelprijswinnaar Kary Mullis

The late scientist Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize for inventing PCR, had this strong opinion about the professional ethics and scientific competence of Anthony Fauci. I would side with Mullis on this question. Stop de lockdown, Nederland weer vrij. De lockdown … Continue reading

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Corona is a hoax mp3

http://www.stanrams.com/wp-content/uploads/dokters-over-valse-pcr.mp4Officiële verklaring. Covid is griep en PCR test WERKT NIET! Valse en onjuiste PCR testen leggen hele landen en economieën plat! Stop de lockdowns! Corona is dus geen pandemie, het is een plandemie gepland door de elite . Zie dit … Continue reading

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