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2de golf is datazwendel: moleculair analist Merel Boogaard

Nieuws update Astrazeneca wereldalarm #AstraZeneca COVID-19 #vaccinations were halted by France, Italy, Spain, and Germany due to precautions, officials said Monday, as Italian officials seized thousands of doses of the medicine in a northern province after a man died.https://t.co/vlZ1MeMvdU — … Continue reading

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LIVE: Parisians protest against ‘Global Security’ bill

They aprove baby murder for making vaccins from living aborted fetuses Evil Gates Corona is a hoax zie ook Corona Sam Vaccin en nadere uitleg over de Corona Crisis Protesters gather outside the French National Assembly building in Paris on … Continue reading

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Gates wants to vaccinate the whole world

Bill Gates wants to track and trace the world population for world domination Hugo De Jonghe wil dat iedereen zich laat vaccineren. Het moet volgens hem! Warning Vaccin Alert Warning the video shows violence graphic images Plotkin admits the killing of … Continue reading

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