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Het ministerie van Economische Zaken & Klimaat heeft zoals intussen bij veel burgers maar ook bij veel (gemeentelijke) ambtenaren inmiddels bekend is, besloten om zonder echt onafhankelijk onderzoek naar de gezondheidsrisico`s te laten doen, het levensgevaarlijke  5G  experiment op de bevolking los te laten.


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Artsen Vereniging Integrale Geneeskunde (AVIG) heeft op 14 mei jl. een persbericht/brief uitgedaan waarin zij aangeeft zeer bezorgd te zijn over de uitrol van 5G. Zij roept op 5G niet uit te rollen zolang er geen onafhankelijk bewijs is voor de veiligheid van 5G-straling.

Stichting Stop5GNL is zeer verheugd dat AVIG achter het kort geding staat en oproept tot het stoppen van de uitrol van 5G

As you may know, following what’s going on right now, while people are sitting in their homes, the next generation (For the sake of censorship) infrastructure is still being built and planted across the globe. It doesn’t take much to understand that extremely high frequency transmitting technology such as this new technology, has a serious consequences on human health. Not one independant research was made regarding that issue, and yet, the new technology project is kept undisturbed. Following the banning of David Icke’s interview on London Real, I couldn’t sit aside in silence. The banning of this interview was the trigger for me to act if you will. As a response, I’ve decided to create a video that summarizes the 2.5 hour long interview. Of course, I’m aware to the fact that there are more subjects in Icke’s interview that weren’t mentioned in my video, such as A.I. and vaccines, but it was more important for me to focus on the following topic and its implications on our health more than any other subject right now. I did the best of my ability in order to deliver the following information in the most concise and visually engaging way possible. I don’t ask for likes or subscribers. It’s totally up to you. All I’m asking for, is for you to watch and share this video as much as you can to spread the message out there. Thank you for contributing to my mission. Slowly, as people starting to wake up, one by one, to the manipulative plan that is going on under their noses, our chances to put an end to this are getting stronger and stronger. I strongly believe that we, the collective consciousness , together here on earth, will win back its freedom, and will re-educate itself to co-exist with planet earth. Peace.


Stop 5G  Legal Activisme by John Kuhles

Practical Tips Stop 5G Activism you can do yourself:

01. Helping people how to Protect Yourself Against Microwave Radiation!

02. Inform principals at your child’s schools, PTA meetings, etc to get WiFi out of schools. Get wired forget wireless

03. Interviewing Top Activists in the Stop5G World!

04. Making Short Stop5G Quotes To Make People Think including added Hashtag: #Stop5G

05. Organizing a new Stop5G Petition or Signing one!

06. Making Stop5G Flyers & Spreading It in your neighborhood.

07. Protesting and or Speaking Local City Council!

08. Organizing Meetups to Brainstorm Future Stop5G Activism!

09. Commenting on Big 5G Propaganda Articles & Videos! (Like “Research”)

10. Filming, documenting the installment of the 5G Slow Death Towers, asking them questions!

11. Building Website Exposing 5G Agenda!

12. Making Informative Stop5G Videos

13. Chalking on footpaths, etc, and putting sticky notes on toilet walls, in library books, etc, with Stop5G

14. Satirical but very informative  Stop5G T-Shirts,  and humor, as a weapon against Tyranny)

15. Running a Stop5G FB Group and Page!

16. Creating Unique Informative Stop5G Picture or Video Memes

17. Legal based actions on whatever fits! with a prime focus on pushing the precautionary principle!

18. Talking to family & friends about my concerns about 5G

19. Shared 5G information on “my wall” to Facebook or other social platforms about 5G

20. Purchase or borrow a RF Tri-Field EMF meter to take readings and report it on multiple video-platforms! Best is: EMF Meter, Advanced GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation 3-in-1 EMF ELF RF meter, Cell Tower Smart meter Wifi Signal Detector RF up to 10GHz with Data Logger

21. I have written to MP’s and local Councillors trying to hold them to account. Trying to get them to do something, anything.

22. Handed out / distributed printed material in my local area

23. Attended presentation and interest group meetings, off line. 24. Interact with your local radio tv & new papers!

25. Presenting local Stop5G presentation sessions (lectures).

26. Draft a technical letter laying out the concerns and what is demanded before deployment for all members to use to send to their MPs

27. Make a brief, informative “what you need to know about 5G” PDF to distribute across various platforms.

28. Making overview of all Local, Sate or National Stop5G Activism Victories worldwide! 29. Stop using a Mobile Phone or use it only during emergency or very important moment then turn it off again.

30. Start petitions on a EU scale and on a world scale through best well-known petition sites to force the 5G STOP 31. Create your own Local Stop 5G group & page!

32. Send a F.O.I.A. Requests about who is behind 5G agenda, be specific who is responsible & accountable when things go wrong

Published:  LT  Wilbey:  Division 78 NY HQ

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