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NOQ Report is an independent news outlet based in Southern California. Our focus is on delivering the truth in its purest form. As progressive mainstream media outlets push for a post-truth society in which groupthink demands that someone’s “personal truth” should supersede actual facts, the need to drill down to reality is self-evident.

Our worldview is driven by a conservative, Christian ideology. That does not mean we are “shills” for the GOP or American evangelical churches. We treat the news with the fairness the American people expect. That means exposing those on the left AND the right when wrongdoing is taking place. It means we must adhere to seeking the truth even when it does not necessarily suit the Republican agenda. Most importantly, it means that our lens through which we decipher and propagate the news must be crystal clear; there is no room for politically or religiously blurred vision when the truth is the only goal.

The opinions of the authors on this site are their’s and their’s alone. We do not filter our authors for the sake of ideology, though generally our writers embrace conservatism. While the vast majority of our op-eds are right-leaning, we do no censor those who share left-leaning ideas. Conversation is imperative in this polarized society and that can only happen when all sides are acknowledged even when we disagree.

We are self-funded; there are no corporate considerations in play on NOQ Report. We are always looking for partners and are grateful to those who contribute to our site. The money contributed as well as funds received through advertising are reinvested into helping this site continue to grow.