The Royal Dutch Cocaine Factory (English Subtitles)

The Royal Dutch Cocaine Factory (English Subtitles)

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The Dutch Cocaine Factory was established in the year 1900 by the Dutch royal family - the House of Orange, through their colonial bank called 'Netherlands Trading Society'. After having already established the trade in opium from the Dutch colony of Indonesia (Dutch East Indies), the Dutch Cocaine Factory dominated the international cocaine market until World War II, when the factory switched its production to amphetamines (speed). Both in World War I and World War II the Dutch Cocaine Factory sold cocaine and later amphetamines to armies of the nations at war. This video includes interviews with the Dutch author Conny Braam, who wrote 'The Merchant of the Dutch Cocaine Factory', (Dutch: 'De Handelsreiziger van de Nederlandsche Cocainefabriek')

This video is meant to give an insight into how the royal families of Europe have inherently been connected to the international drug trade. This video is edited from excerpts of:

Talkshow on Dutch national television called

Pauw en Witteman Part 1 -

Pauw en Witteman Part 2 -

NCF: IRT affaire, de Nederlandse Cocaine Fabriek en de Nazi's -

 VICE - 'Holland was the worlds biggest coke manufacturer' - Video produced by Strictlyrevolution. Subtitles written by Strictlyrevolution. You know what time it is. Strictly Revolution Time. Werd. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE.


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